September 22, 2023

10 Ways To Express Kindness

  1. Let;s face it we are all human, idiosyncratic and unique in our own kind of ways, well, at least most of the time. We don’t have the answers for all our problems but surely we feel held when we receive a patch of kindness and good old common courtesy if not from all then at the least from some friends and family and the occasional well meaning strangers.

Ways to show common courtesy can be simple with a positive attitude. Beware! It is contagious so next time we show kindness, watch how people easily reciprocate similar behaviour. The result will be a great feeling about ourselves and for others around us.

Here are 10 ways to show kindness:
1. Focus on others
Let’s start by focusing on others. Showing kindness involves recognising people and their needs. Empathising with them might be a good way to see if we can be of help.

  1. Stretch out a helping hand

It is an uncomfortable conversation to initiate when you want to ask for a favour from others. On the other hand, it is much easier to offer help. Next time you are at a grocery store, see if you can stretch out a helping hand for someone or see if you can help out your neighbour with a backyard project. Send out a kind message to someone you love or perhaps volunteer for a good cause.

  1. Listen attentively
    Listening connects us with others mentally and emotionally, and makes us sympathetic and empathetic to their concerns and worries. Facing the speaker and maintaining eye contact, being attentive, keeping an open mind are some of the ways to effective listening. And last but not least, let’s try not to interrupt and not to impose our ‘solutions’.
  2. Give small gifts

It does not have to be a special occasion to give a gift. The internet is full of creative ideas for putting together a small pack. Why not surprise our loved ones with a present and show our love and affection and bring joy to them.

  1. Keep in touch

Thanks to messaging apps it is ever more convenient to stay in touch with family and friends at a time where direct contact is not so practical. Keep sharing those lovely moments and make them smile be it with a photo or with kind words.

  1. Stay positive

Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life so let’s focus on the good things. Surrounding ourselves with positive people and practicing gratitude are two ways to stay positive.

  1. Greet people with a smile

Greeting people whether you know them or not with a smile is very powerful. It will set a positive tone for any conversation. A greeting is an acknowledgement and can make anyone feel accepted by the people around them and easily brighten their day.

8- Compliment others

Sincere appreciation builds trust. Compliments help us communicate that appreciation we feel toward one another. Compliments make other people feel great and make others want to be around us.

  1. Express appreciation or regret sincerely

A sincere apology will go a long way in mending a broken heart and likewis expressing our appreciation for our loved ones will strengthen our bonds and bring us closer. Let’s get it right and build bridges.

  1. Be kind to yourself

Last but not least, let’s be kind to ourselves. Let’s accept and appreciate ourselves for who we are. After all, it all starts with us.


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