September 22, 2023

Raising Nature Loving Kids Nurturing

Caring for the well-being of the planet is important for not only the current generation but also for future generations to come. This is why it is so important to teach children how to protect the planet. The good news is that nurturing a child who is environmentally friendly does not require complicated or expensive lifestyle changes. Instead, raising your kids to be aware of the planet can include a few small changes in which the entire family can enjoy. Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about how to raise environmentally conscious kids.

In a place where our kids are surrounded by the digital world it is important to nurture our children and the future generations in an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Raising your kids to be aware of the planet can be accomplished with  just a few simple changes to our lifestyle. 

Yet, our valuable times are often hijacked by the digital phenomenon. Often, we are consumed by the next episode or the news feed.. Children suffer from this as adults give in to have a moment of silence for themselves.

Here is 9 ways we can all attempt to pull us out of the digital trap:

  1. Being a role model

Children observe us day and night and they look up to us. We can set an example for them by shopping environmentally friendly products.  Food items, cleaning agents, clothing, furniture, you name it. This will certainly set the scene at a very young age with our choices of everyday living things.

  1. Gardening

We can start by small plants that are low maintenance and easy to take care of in the house. If we have a backyard, then we can assign some of the plants to our children and make them responsible for them to look after. This will instill a sense of ownership and responsibility in them.

Moreover, we can go to farms, villages, community gardens or botanical gardens together and talk about planting seeds, growing vegetables and types of the plants. We can turn this process into a game for them arranging a special corner in our garden or balcony and give them an opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

  1. Participate in community events

We can take part in community events like planting trees and every year visit the saplings we planted to see them grow. Why not initiate tree planting activity with family, friends or community groups you are part of.

  1. Nature walks

Spend weekends outdoors in nature. Why not take a trip to your favorite park or the woods and enjoy the brisk air with your family. The more time we spend as a family outdoors in nature the more we and the children will grow to like. Let them get dirty, play with the soil, and make them feel independent. We can help them climb trees, collect flowers, leaves, rocks and seeds, then set a nature scene using them at a corner of our houses. We can create memories by giving names to the places we pass by and spend time together.  

  1. Recycle and reuse

Another great activity would be to go through weekly rubbish and sift through items that can be recycled and/or reused. The internet is full of creative ideas to reuse some of the everyday plastic, glass, and paper we use in and around the house. Also, be on the watch for things that can be used as a compost in the garden. This will be a great way to reduce waste and save money.


  1. Pets 

Having a pet is one of the most rewarding things. Not only they keep you company but we grow a special bond with them. We can own a pet and enjoy with our children feeding them and taking care of them.

  1. Learning about nature

We can read to our children about nature and the ecosystem we live in. Watching age appropriate documentaries with them is another fun way to explore the environment. These will help them have a better understanding of nature and appreciate our environment.

  1. Camping

Camping is another great fun way for children to be in nature and get a first hand experience to be out there. Why not plan your next vacation at a campsite and set up a tent, and do fishing or canoeing. Bond around the fire and enjoy a sausage sizzle under the stars.



  1. Arts and crafts

Children will love making arts and crafts especially with rocks and leaves or pieces of branches they collect themselves. Why not frame their artwork and hang it around the house.









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