• How can I reach you? I have further questions.

    We believe the power of communication. So we are open for you 24/7. The best way to reach
    us is to message us through this page. However, if you’d like to talk, just mention that in your message along with your phone number or Skype username and we’ll do our best to call you as soon as possible. For more options, like our address and postcode, you can check our website.

  • How Can I Contribute?

    You can be one of our storytellers by sharing your story. Or you can be our volunteer. There
    so many things to do in our project. So your skills may help us very much. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How Can I Tell My Story? How’s The Process?

    First thing first, if you have a story to be told, tell us! Every day we are receiving messages from lots of people having different backgrounds. Do not hesitate to share your story. Maybe the thing you find ordinary is a great one for another.
    You can share your story by clicking the link below or just click “Share Your Story” section.
    After you share your story, we will contact you. Then we will plan how to do our interview. It can be a written one or a podcast or a video. You can tell your story in any language you want. We have a multi-lingual team.
    Information that you told us will never be shared with 3rd parties. We concern your privacy. We will share your story and visual or vocal materials with your permission.

  • Do You Have Social Media Accounts?

    Yes and also you can contact us via direct messages if you feel more comfortable.

  • Why do you show the stories of converted Muslim people?

    As Muslims, our purpose of existence is one, gaining the mercy of Allah. And we believe that we are responsible for spreading this divine goal to humanity. “Enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil” is one of the most important Islamic duties, indeed the most supreme one. We consider this principle the basis of our religion and also of our project. In this context, we want to inspire you via Muslim convert stories. You may have questions, finding out that there are people like you may make you feel a bit more relaxed. To ease to empathise, we are sharing the stories of converted Muslims.

  • What Do You Mean By The Concept “New”?

    Islam is for everyone. So becoming a Muslim doesn’t mean that you will never be like the way you were before your conversion. You will have a “new” intention in life. The parts that enhance you to live peacefully will go, you’ll both be the same and be totally different.
    You can still have the personality you used to have, with a “new”, intention. Your identity will be the same; you just need to add them a new perspective. By the concept of “new” we mean renewing your purpose of life because we believe that the truth is one.

  • What Are Your Objectives?

    We are totally aware of the fact that change is hard. Even when one has questions in his or mind, chasing them is challenging. So our main objective is providing help to anyone who has questions about his or her own existence and Islam, and to people who try to understand the purpose of creation. Some of the other objectives are sharing experiences with real-life stories, inspiring and encouraging the people having questions, to reduce the problem of information pollution about Islam.

  • How Does It Work?

    We are connecting with people who have converted to Islam and asking them a set of questions. Then these interview videos or podcasts are being published on our website to guide and enlighten the path of every peace seeker. We are 100% open to any contribution by community. Any converted Muslim can share his or her story with us. We are making visual and written interviews online. Plus, So, we are counselling for those who need. If you watch the videos on our platforms and have further questions about us, Islam, Muslim community etc. you can contact with us via message or Skype. If you want to Skype with us, just leave your Skype name or phone number to the “Contact Us” section, then our editor will call you!

  • What Is A New Person? Who Are You?

    A New Person is a non-profit project aiming to provide help and positive role-model contents to society. We are producing videos and podcasts with leading guests who have revealed the power to change in themselves. We are focusing on converted Muslims. Our team is composed of a group of people dedicating themselves to progress to a more peaceful position in life. We are based in İstanbul, Turkey.