Finding Islam at 23 Years Old: Muslim Convert Miss. Iman

The story of a Canadian revert of Philippine origin who says: “I became friends with a Muslim in college. I used to see Muslims as terrorists until I met her because the West had launched it that way”… Miss. Iman, who reverted to Islam at the age of 23 describes her life before Islam as lost, empty and undisciplined. While she was considering ending her life in her depression, she tells that Islam gave her the meaning of life. The fact that her reversion coincided with the pandemic process made her think that she wouldn’t get support from anyone during this process. Contrary to her thoughts, she received a lot of support and many gifts were sent to her. Emphasizing that she never felt alone in this process, Iman gives us a beautiful message: “Everyone is your sister and brother and it doesn’t matter where you are when they need help.


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