September 22, 2023

The Garden Inspired By The Qur’an

Imagine a garden that brings together all the plants mentioned in verses and hadiths. Based on this idea, the Quran Botanical Garden, which is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and is the first of its kind, is home to many plants. Fatima Bint Saleh al-Khalifa, director of the Quran Botanical Garden, one of the projects of Qatar Education, Science and Society Development Foundation, said the following about the project, which is thought to bring a new concept to the botanical world: “There are 59 kinds of plants mentioned in verses and hadiths in our garden. Some of these herbs are: Grape, fig, pomegranate, basil, olive, ginger, mustard, black cumin, tamarix. In addition to these 59 plants, the garden is home to 6,825 plants, including perennial plants, various trees, saplings, desert and tropical climate plants. Halifi stated that they aimed to guide the protection of the environment and plants with this project and emphasized the importance of the botanical garden in the transfer of the Islamic teachings, which always encourage mankind to protect nature, to future generations. Being the first in the world, the project serves other purposes besides accommodating the botanical diversity in the verses and hadiths of Quran. To illustrate, with the gardening courses within the scope of the garden, the educational role of the environment, especially in the protection of cultural heritage, is remarkable. In the same way, it has the characteristics of a richly contented laboratory for researchers doing research on plants. In addition, drawing attention to the traditional use of plants and their effect on human life and transferring cultural heritage to new generations are among the main purposes of the garden. In this garden, which is also a center of attraction for social activities, it is possible to have a good time, meet with friends, have fun or relax by breathing in the clean air under the shade of greenery.

What do you think, will our road pass through this beautiful garden one day?


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