Mr. Günther

I feel like I have united with my reason for creation. Now, everything has a meaning, nothing is pointless.

Mr Günther is a free soul from Austria. He started to chase freedom from his young ages. He knows that all people are created to be free. But still, they have bound themselves with some material ties. So he wants to liberate himself from his own evil sides. He found Islam. Islamic perspective on women rights and life after death has impressed him. He says that he realizes the purpose and meaning of his life after he became a Muslim.

If you are also a curious soul seeking for your purpose in life, maybe you can feel a connection between you and Mr Günther. You should check out the video above to discover the secrets of finding inner peace and meaning of life.

Transcript of the interview

Why did you choose Islam?

When I was 16, I started to interested in girls as any teenager around me. Islam showed me an alternative after I saw the ladies in Europe and especially in Australia are not in the way I expected. And which is; young ladies’ loyalty to the Creator and to their spouse because of their religion was a persuasive reason for me to choose Islam.

Secondly, the answers given by Christianity about life after death did not satisfy me at all. I looked for more and I found them in Islam. These are the two main reason for me to choose Islam. 

How did you feel after you choose Islam?

It was such a liberating feeling for me. I feel like I have united with my reason of creation. I mean I saw this: Now everything has a meaning, nothing is pointless. I was no longer living my life for spending time.

I was living because the Creator gave me a mission, and I needed to complete the exam.

And this was such a feeling that it had liberated me so much.

What is your solution offer for Islamophobia in the country that you live in?

I believe, that will be a solution. It would be a solution if the Islamic Mosque Foundations in there create a field of duty that they had not done so far. Namely, they need to follow the recommendations of Prophet Muhammad (saas) and which is; “The best of people are those that bring the most benefit to the rest of mankind.” If mosque communities will be useful by volunteering works in a non-Muslim society; non-Muslim societies will see that Muslims are good, they help us, they support our society and I believe that this solution eliminates Islamophobia very well, at least it prevents from increasing.

What is your biggest obstacle while following Islam?

My biggest obstacle to follow Islam is my own nafs (inner self/soul). I have no one stopping me following Islam. I can do my daily prayings, I can live my religion freely. What prevents me from living my religion is actually my selfishness. I mean environment and society…No. It’s only my fault.

ANP: What are your achievements in this Project?

Mr G: As I see, Konya tries really hard to do something and I also see that Konya has things to offer. There are such pleasant places. There were also nice institutions we have visited, for example Science Center was quite attractive, as much as the plane that we had dinner. And, My favourite part is that as municipality and as a city, it is the effort to show the city to other nations and other societies. Showing the country as open to other communities. As said in most of non-Muslim countries: “See, Muslims want to isolate themselves.” I mean I have to say that; I appreciate Konya and its responsibles, I congratulate them.